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Friday, January 27, 2006

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She caught me...

Well, Sister#2 finally checked out my blog and discovered that I am knitting lots of things OTHER THAN the cloche-style hat that I had promised her over Christmas. OK, OK, it's getting moved up in the sidebar from "Potential Projects" into the current projects section. [Let's just hope my dad doesn't check my blog for the status of his argyle socks.]

Here is the hat she has selected. It's the Herringbone Cloche from Vogue Knitting Hats & Caps Two. It calls for Kersti Merino Crepe, but Sister#2 wants it in a plum color and I don't think that yarn comes in plum (some multi-colored purples, but no plum). Soooo, I'll have to look for other plum-colored options in the 22st=4" range.

Here's what I came up with:

It's hard to tell just by the online photos whether these colors are more grape (bad) or plum (good). If you have any experience with any of these yarns, leave me a comment. By the way, this doesn't count as me increasing stash cuz SHE'S supposed to buy it. I'm just the knitter. So no resolutions broken here.

Got my the Feb-Apr issue of Cast On magazine yesterday -- yuck, ick, ugh. And what is not yuck, ick, ugh is so very ho hum. Why, oh why, do I subscribe to this magazine? For the technical articles -- bah! Even those are not worth it anymore. The best thing in the magazine is this bicycle seat cover. Sigh.

In sock news, I have finally finished my Log Cabin Socks. I just have to weave in the ends. I have mixed feelings about them. Will post pics and details tomorrow.

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Melissa said...

But think about it...that bike seat is going to look SO disgusting after a few good rides...

CastOn magazine generally is gross. We were just discussing it last night. Way too over the top versus way too boring. And you were right - I have not touched my TKGA stuff since it came. I think about it once in a while, but there is just no way I have time to swatch, teach, design and knit for myself. Instead I shall content myself with being a WEK-ster (Webs Expert Knitter)

And about the yarn - I have used the Zara and it's not bad. More importantly I adore the herringbone cloche! I just plain old love herringbone stitch.

Anonymous said...

Tam, I thought the bike seat was incredibly ugly!

Maria, nice neighbor said...

I think the Bike Seat it fantastic for anyone who truly knows the discomfort of biking. Made in a nice, soft wool....one could bike for hours. I think uncool husband needs one...