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Thursday, January 19, 2006

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Back to some actual knitting content

I've been spending so much time tweaking the old template that I have not been getting much knitting done over the past few days.

However, I did make some progress on the Log Cabin Socks. I have 1 sock complete, waiting to be kitchenered. Working on the ankle of the second. I'm not really liking the way the cables look at the point where they move from one 'column' to the other - there is a weird bumpy area there. I'm going to play with another way to do that on the second sock. Yeah, the socks won't match, but these are for me so no big deal.

Here is the red Araucania scarf that I finished this past weekend. This is the one I started back here.

This was a fun project:  fast to knit because of the chunky yarn, interesting stitch pattern that didn't require too much concentration, and subtle color variation in the yarn to give it a hint of pizzazz. Very satisfying. And I think the gift was well received, which does make one feel quite "warm and cozy", as some would say.

By the way, I posted this picture using the Hello BloggerBot. It seems to give you more control over uploading photos than uploading through Blogger. For instance, you can pick the size that images are resized to. I'll have to mess with it some more though before I know if I prefer this method or not.

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Melissa said...

did you tone down the red? looks like it. May be my mon.

wassa pod cast? I am so out of the tech loop.

Persnickety Knitter said...

A podcast is like an mp3 file that you can download and listen to on your computer or mp3 player. Here's a better definition. If you are interested, I would HIGHLY recommend Cast On (not related to the magazine). I think you'd like it.

I didn't change the red actually. But now it's gold, so it doesn't matter.