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Thursday, March 09, 2006

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Yeah, I Bought More Yarn. . . Sigh

Look at what my Yarn Enabler, aka Melissa, has procured for me -- Noro Silk Garden in color 217. I just love these colors. And it is softer than I expected, too. But not cheap. No sirree, Bob.

This yarn is going to be used to make the Lady Eleanor Stole from Scarf Style. I've had my eye on this pattern for a while, especially after seeing this one at Fig and Plum. However, it was the gorgeous colors of Aimee's that made me take the plunge. I just can't stop looking at it -- I'm in looooove. So, I'm being a copycat and making it in exactly the same color. [Oh shush, I'll get back to Rogue eventually. Gotta go with the inspiration, right?]

I've also decided to start knitting items for the Dulaan Project. It's an organization that collects items to send to impoverished children & adults in Mongolia, where the temperatures get down to -40ºF at night.

Here's a picture of my first hat to donate to this project. It's just a simple ribbed hat made with two strands of stash yarn.

I started this in desperation the other day when the rest of my family was sitting down to watch Zathura (really enjoyed this movie, by the way). I was in a panic -- frantically searching through my knitting bags (and the various piles of knitting that are distributed throughout my family room) for something easy to work on so I could concentrate on the movie. It was kind of funny actually, I was all like, "Wait, wait. Don't start the movie yet -- I can't find any knitting!"

I am such an addict. I can't just sit when I watch movies any more; I must be knitting. Otherwise I get so restless. My hands need to be busy so my mind can concentrate. This becomes an issue when I visit people who like to turn off all the lights when they watch movies (Hi, Sister#2).

Anyhow, easy hats and scarves make for good "movie knitting", so I'm going to try to keep some of these Dulaan patterns ready to go for movie nights here. I might try this Double-Thick, Super-Warm Dulaan Hat pattern next. It appears to be just a big tube which you fold in half and gather together -- an easy way to get extra warmth without the complexity of double knitting.

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Melissa said...

That Melissa must be some evil woman... ;)
This house has to stop and wait also, whether it's a movie, or a road trip, or a family party; everything has to wait while I find the correct project for the intended event/occasion. For the trip to Lumber Liquidators I chose a modular bag. Yesterday for the eye doctor visit it was a pair of socks. Today is sleeves for the lilac cardigan and something long from my new box of A&E Romance Classics. It's not an addiction. It is INDUSTRY!

christine said...

I cannot sit still either........must knit while watching TV, or movies. I even take knitting to the movie theater.

Rachel said...

OOooohhh! That Noro is gorgeous. It makes me very sad that I've just committed to 10 balls of fairly unexciting off-white for Starsky. But don't mind me - you go right ahead.

anne said...

who wouldn't love that noro! i commend you for considering entrelac; i've ner had the urge . . . i know i should do it once just to try it, and that shawl might just be the push i need. it looks good on everyone. maybe if i use some handspun . . . hahahaha!
i also love the blogs you linked to and will continue looking in on them in the future. thanks!

JessaLu said...

That Noro is beeyewteeful - can't wait to see your shawl!

Elspeth said...

I love the hat! I just came from the movies yesterday, where I couldn't work on my Olympics project, but I do have to have a stockinette project ready for movies, and even while reading! Great Noro, too ....

Katia said...

Can't wait to see how your lady eleanor comes out!
I find it hard to sit still during movies too - but sometimes I'm so tired that I find it hard to concentrate on my knitting AND the movie, and I end up having to frog everything that I do ;)