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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

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Lose the Lavender

I'm about 6.5 balls into my Lady Eleanor stole and I figured it's about time for another progress shot. So here it is.

This thing seems to be taking forever -- I feel like I'm knitting a blanket, not a stole. I'm still enjoying making it; I'm just itching to finish.

I'm not so sure about the lavender-ish sections of this yarn though (Noro Silk Garden #217). I think they stand out a bit too much. In fact, now that I've said that, it's all I can see when I look at this picture.

If I ever use this colorway again I might snip out those sections of the yarn, because I love the rest of the colors here. I wish I could replace that lavender with a dark green. I'm still pleased with the color overall I guess, just less ecstatically so. Ah, but that feeling never does last long, does it?

In Other News

So, I've been reading for a while now how crochet is the new knitting. Not being a crocheter, I've been all like, "whatever." But today, ummmmmmmmm..., I think I got sucked in.

I was just browsing in my local bookstore, waiting for my daughters to get out of their art class and minding my own business, not anywhere NEAR the craft book section (oh, I had already been there of course), when all of a sudden I saw it. The new book by Debbie Stoller. [I'd mention the name, but I really don't want to think about the Google hits I would get.]

I only opened it out of idle curiosity. I have her Knitter's Handbook and it has some interesting things in it, so I thought I'd give this new book a quick look. I was just flipping through the pages, thinking to myself that I really should learn crochet some day, when I stumbled upon this:

Oh my god, these are the cutest bunny slippers ever! And if that isn't cute enough, here they are in pink.

Needless to say, I bought the book. I just couldn't resist. I am weak.

Daughter#1 now wants to learn to crochet too, so we will be learning together (which could be fun, ... or not, depending on the frustration level). I think we'll start with crocheted cotton dishcloths, because, you know, that old one could stand to be replaced.

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Melissa said...

a cautionary word regarding Noro Chopping....
Swatch first with the chopped bit. The colors are carefully balanced to work with one another and sometimes removing one (which I have done) results in a clownish look, or just an off-kilter and not as pleasing appearance. My next plan (someday when I have time) is to remove part but not all of the offending color to make it fade into the background but still provide interest.

Auntie Amanda said...

Lady Eleanor is coming along so beautifully! I was just telling my MIL yesterday I really didn't like entralac, but I think you are changing my mind! The purple isn't too bad, but you are right, green would look better. Those slippers are super cute as well! To me, crochet is very easy (and much easier than knitting) to learn, I had no problem teaching my 9yo.

christine said...

The lady looks lovely!
I may have to investigate that hooker book, too!
The booties are great!

sister #2 said...

the lavender just isn't bothering me at all. i hear you on the green, but i still think it looks great as is.
i tried the squeet notification and it worked fine... the whole blog entry just showed up in my email. however, call me old fashioned, but i kind of like to check the site to see if theres a new entry. the email takes a little of the fun away. whatever, i'm a dork.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so much news since I last checked in. I'm not sure if I am commenting in the proper area, but....I love the entrelac scarf...it looks MUCH less lavendar in person(?)and I wouldn't think of changing it. It is gorgeous! The slippers are tres cute and I'd bet the 9yo's would adore them, as they are such animal lovers. And, lastly, I agree with sis #2 about the email thing. I enjoy checking out the site in my own good time, thank you very much!