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Monday, January 16, 2006

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More technical difficulties

I just realized last night that my attempt at a 3-column template looked totally awful at 800x600 resolution (big sigh...). The middle column got shoved to the bottom and it generally was a hard-to-read mess. My display is set to 1280x1024 so it was quite a shock to see how nothing fit in the lower resolutions.

Well, I think I have fixed it now (fingers crossed). MOST pages/posts should now appear in the 3-column format. However, some of my older posts have pictures that are too big to display in that format -- they should show up with the far right column shoved to the bottom.

By the way, has anyone else noticed how totally CRAPTACULAR blogger's template preview mode is? What a piece of junk. Not sure why I bother using it, considering everything looks totally different once it is published.

On a brighter note, what do you think of the new color scheme and the new banner? It's a close-up of that Noro hat I made. Try to ignore the weird little characters on the far right side of the banner. I'm still working on getting that to display properly. Geez, who knew there was so much involved in setting up a template...I'm exhausted. I spent so much time on this I didn't even get to knit today -- bummer.

I found this the other day: Personality Project

It's an online personality test, supposedly being conducted by Northwestern University. It was kind of fun. Anyway, here are my results:

click to enlarge Check out my personality profile!

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Melissa said...

Come fix my blog. I can't get KAL's or links of any kind on the stinking thing. And forget getting cute with three columns etc. I SUCK at this! And as for the preview thing - serious JOKE. I don't bother any more. I publish then look then alter.

I would like to see a little more contrast between the Noro banner and the Persnickety Knitter blog title. Just MHO...

Persnickety Knitter said...

Yeah, other people have said similar things about the banner. Also, I need to host it somewhere that doesn't resize it.
I think the text colors may be too dark on certain monitors (but not on my flat panel screen). And I've noticed that the 3-columns are still not displaying correctly (in certain instances) at 800x600 -- so back to the drawing board. I broke down and got myself a book and now I think I understand what is going on. I'm am determined to make this thing work!