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Thursday, August 02, 2007

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Blog Avoidance

Wow, it's been exactly 5 months since my last post. How much do I suck? In case you are curious, I am not dead. Nor do I have any other good excuse for my shameful lack of blog posting. I have, however, been knitting. But I still haven't attempted to fix that shawl (is anyone really surprised?).

In an attempt to get back into the swing of blogging, I have updated my Gallery. I have listed every single stinking pair of socks that I have ever knit (cuz I'm anal like that, in case you haven't noticed). Anyhow, it contains several things I have never blogged about, so you may want to check it out.

Here are some teaser pics from the Gallery:

click for detailsChipman's Block Mittens

click for detailsCashmere Fingerless Gloves

click for detailsSilk Garden Ribbed Hat

click for detailsCascading Leaves Socks

click for detailsUgly Purple Sockotta Jaywalkers

click for detailsManly Greenish-Brown Trekking Socks

click for details6-ply Regia Socks

click for detailsCabled Bearfoot Socks

click for detailsAmerican Girl Doll Socks
(made from Trekking, of course)

click for detailsLacy American Girl Doll Socks

click for detailsSimply Lovely (or not so lovely) MISTAKE Lace Socks
(Trekking XXL again)

click for detailsCrazy-Patterned Opal Socks

click for detailsMore Trekking Socks
(Apparently I am addicted to Trekking XXL. It's like crack.)

click for detailsMother/Daughter Socks
(click for cute stuffed bunny picture)

click for detailsStrange Blue & White Opal Jaywalkers

Plus some oldies from several years ago:

click for detailsBrown & Natural Stranded Socks

click for detailsDK-weight Purple & Green Socks

click for detailsCrazy Furry Socks

And much more in the Sock Gallery.

Oh, and if you are looking for some entertaining blog reading, go check out my friend Rachel's new blog, Diary of a Mad, Mad Housewife. It is a wickedly funny look at the trials and tribulations of a slightly paranoid "Suburban Mommy". It's good stuff.

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Veronique said...

Wow! You've been knitting up a storm!

MadMad said...

YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! You're back!!!! I can't wait to come back and look at all these pictures (I just click on you periodically out of habit!). Am supposed to be making dinner for houseguests, but was in my usual state of denial.... Oh, I can't wait to come back and see what you've been doing!

MadMad said...

OMG! It's like Christmas or something! Wowie-wow-wow! So many great things. Love those cute little American Doll socks! You are way too clever! And the cashmere fingerless gloves; and all those awesome socks. (Look what you can do when you're not blogging, I guess, right?)Wow. Very impressive.

Harpe said...

I fand the shawl in the book unexciting, uninteresing and so unpromising...yours is so wonderfull: I want so much to make it !
I am in love with your gloves.
Nath from France (I speak very bad english)

goosefairy said...

Well... You know I've been checking faithfully for like ages! :)

Seriously, glad to see you're back. I'll be checking out that gallery this weekend, sitting in my favorite red leather chair with laptop and glass of wine at hand!

knittin gin said...

Glad to see you back! I can't wait to check out your gallery when I have more time!

Octopus Knits said...

What a lot of great stuff!

JessaLu said...

Glad to see ya ;o)

Nice sockage! You've been pretty busy!

Amanda said...

Welcome back! That is seriously a lot of socks!