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Friday, September 22, 2006

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My finger hurts

Due to technical difficulties (hurricane in Northern Ireland which caused power outages) the Sock Wars pattern was not posted until about 3:30pm EST. This was good timing for me, since we had just finished school for the day (we're homeschoolers). Well, I cast on instantly and knit almost non-stop for the rest of the evening.

I lost a little time when I hit the turning of the heel and discovered that there was an error in the directions for that section (making the heel off-center). I spent some time posting a correction to the Sock Wars forum. Yes, I know that I may have helped my own assasin by doing that, but hey, there are a lot of newbies in this challenge and I'd rather be killed by receiving a pair of socks with a nice, centered heel than a pair with an off-center heel.

Anyhow, after that I think I paused only long enough to eat dinner and check my email about a thousand more times. By 11:30pm, here is what I had:

click for bigger pictureNot bad for about 8 hours of work, huh?

I can't finish these socks because I have not yet received my "assignment." I do not know the shoe size of my victim, nor do I even know WHO my victim is. Hopefully the email difficulties will be resolved by the morning and I can finish these off and get them in the mail before the post office closes at 1pm.

I have to say that I really like these socks. The pattern is simple but it makes a nice and cozy pair of socks, especially with the DK weight yarn we had to use. Hopefully my target will like them and not be too sad to die such a quick death.

Oh, and now the joint in my right index finger is suddenly rather painful. I think it was all that ribbing that did it. I'd be happy to be killed quickly to get out of this crazy challenge. My hands can't take too much more of this speed knitting.

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KarenK said...

Oh, those do look nice! I have one sock heel turned (and also discovered the kerfluffle but just figured it out like you did). Good of you to post the correction to the forum so newbie knitters won't be confused. Love the rib - and the DK weight! After knitting so many fine-yarn socks using size 0 needles, I'd almost forgotten how much fun it is to knit socks with this size ndls and yarn!

Melissa said...

(sniffle) I wish I could be in sock wars...

I love them. Excellent progress. Remember to stop and stretch, frequent breaks, and hand exercises every morning to stay in peak condition.
And carbo load. Ice cream cakes are best for this, I hear.

Melissa said...

and another thing, generally speaking, assume that you: knit to two sts past the center of the heel, K2tog, K1, turn. sl 1, p5, p2 tog, p1, turn. Then continue on closing the gaps on either end of the SR's.

Just MHO.

anne said...

it is SO good to see you knitting again, and i love those socks. that yarn color is gorgeous. good luck!

sister #2 said...

very nice socks. sorry about the finger.

also, just a note that niece #4 is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her socks in the mail.

Your Target said...

Thanks in advance for the lovely socks. The color is nice and it looks like you're doing a great job.

JessaLu said...

Well I'll say this much for SW - it's going to be fun watching all you guys try to 'kill' each other, hehehe

I hope your pinkie feels better - and those are very comfy looking socks :o)

Rachel W said...

That's some speedy-a knitting, man! Good for you! And may your (eventual) killer give you socks just as pretty!