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Thursday, September 28, 2006

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The UPS guy had a package for me today, and, since I haven't ordered any yarn lately, you know what that means... I'm dead.

Socks of Doom received from my assassin, Mlle Udah

So, no more Sock Wars for me. Too bad, it would have been fun to kill more than one person, but with all the international mailing involved there was just no chance of that. Although this game was fun, I think the downside was that no matter how quickly you knit your socks it could not save your life. It was just luck of the draw as to whether you got a fast assassin or a slow assassin assigned to you.

I think it would be fun to have another sort of sock war where knitting a sock quickly would actually SAVE your life. I'll have to give that some thought...

click for bigger pictureIn other sock-related news, here is a pair of socks that I finished recently. I made them with the Socks That Rock that I won in the Sock-a-Month KAL. Here are the specs:

just a run of the mill top-down sock, but inside out
Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock, mediumweight [100% superwash merino],
color: Farmhouse
US 2
7.5 sts/inch
This was the first time I've used STR yarn and I have to say, I can see what all the commotion is about. This yarn is great. Very boing-y and soft. I wonder how it will hold up to wear though? It seems to be getting fuzzy rather quickly.
You may be wondering why it looks like my socks are inside out. Well, that's because they are. I decided I liked the way the colors mixed better on the reverse stockinette side of the sock, so I decided to make that the outside. I knit them normally (with the knit side out) and just turned them inside out at the end before weaving in the ends. All I did differently was to pick up the stitches on the sides of the heel flap as to purl instead of as to knit.

Which do you like best:

click for bigger picturethe interesting reverse stockinette side,


click for bigger picturethe boring old stockinette side?

click for bigger pictureThere was a bit of color pooling with this yarn at the ankle (as you can see in this picture) but it doesn't really bother me very much.

Oh, and by the way, my index finger seems to be better now. Yay, back to knitting.

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anne said...

i like them both ways! but since you prolly have a whole bunch of right-side-outers, maybe it will be fun to have some inside-outers.

Melissa said...

I love the rev side.

And I need to get my hands on this yarn.

sister #2 said...

i like both sides but i think i like the regular side just a tiny bit better.

why haven't my new socks made it on your blog yet?

sweetfigs said...

Sorry to hear you met your death in Sock Wars. I'm still alive ... for now at least. I'm digging the purl side of the new STR socks.

aija said...

I love the reverse side, love purls on socks. Great idea!

Rachel W said...

Sorry about your demise... hope the killer socks fit! Speaking of killer socks, though, your STR ones are definitely cool. LOVE the reverse stockinette plan. It gives them a bit of texture.

whichy said...

I love them on the reverse side!
I saw the picture before the decription, and was marveling at the way the colors looked. I bet more comfortable to wear as well.

shadowlands said...

I do like the stockinette side, but I must admit that the reverse stockinette side is just a little more interesting.

Laura said...

i had that thought once when knitting with knit picks sock memories, that the reverse side looked really cool. i like yours!

JessaLu said...

Reversible socks - brilliant! ;o)

Sorry you got killed :o(

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see that you're dead, PK. I just came by to let you know that I killed my target. I'll let her know not to send to you, just in case she doesn't already know.
Your victim,

pat said...

I bet an added benefit to the inside out socks is that they are more comfy on the bottoms of your feet. It seems to me that the nice flat Vs would be smoother to walk on than the purl bumps. I think I'll try it! Your socks are so pretty!

lexa said...

What a neat idea to make the socks inside out! I may have to try that -- I really prefer the look of the purl side over the stockinette side -- at least with that colorway! :)

ymil said...

Well, it seems that this Sock War has created quite a bit of chatter on your blog! I am wondering from where Mlle Udah hails and if she would like to offer her country home to you and your extended family, for a short visit.....
My vote is for the reversed socks!

Woman_Who_Knits said...

I like the boring side!! They look fantastic either way. I wouldn't have noticed the pooling if you hadn't mentioned it!!

Suzanne said...

Great call on the use of this yarn. I've recently entertained the question of whether I would ever make a sweater in reverse stockinette. After seeing you socks, I would have to say YES.

Auntie Amanda said...

Long time no post...I hope you and your family are well.

Jess said...

Did the Sock Wars death do you in?

Anonymous said...

i love your socks reverse stockinette side out. much more vibrant.

Oh, Jane. said...

oh yes,

i see what you mean.
the reverse is prettier.

i was going to actually make a new post.

it seems that my aunt (& only reader!) no longer uses blogspot (or hasn't since september!!?).

so i saw no point.
maybe someday.

when you begin posting again.

see you soooon. :]