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Monday, May 08, 2006

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Socks, Summer Cottages, and a Day to Rant

Howdy, I'm back from Rhode Island and ready to blog. First of all, let me just say that the yarn store in Newport was kind of a disappointment. Rachel, be glad you didn't put down that Corona. You didn't miss anything. No exciting yarns, no interesting supplies, and a musty smell. Bah, barely worth the walk down Thames Street. I did buy two balls of something or other that was on sale, but it's not worthy of a picture. Well, at least my fellow travellers were glad that I didn't make them wait long.

We had a great time in Newport -- there was much eating, drinking, shopping, knitting, and general relaxing. Didn't take many pictures, just this one:

click for bigger pictureRequisite tourist photo of dork standing in front of giant mansion.
[Uncool Guy gamely agreed to be said 'dork'.]

That's The Breakers, the 70-room summer "cottage" built by the Vanderbilts. Too bad they don't let you take pics inside, some of the rooms were quite resplendent.

I got some knitting done on the trip, but it was mostly swatching really. I am between projects and I'm having a hard time deciding what to make next. I started a couple projects. More on those next time.

Before I forget, I need to talk about the upcoming Yarn Rant Day that Anne of knitspot is organizing. It's designed to be a day on which knitters around the world send emails to yarn companies that make poor quality yarn. Join us on June 1st, and write an email (or two or three) complaining about excessive knots in yarn (can you say "Noro"?), strange twigs and burrs in yarn (ummm, Noro again), yarns that pill excessively, colors that fade dramatically on first washing, or whatever other major yarn-related annoyances you have encountered.

The idea is to let the yarn companies know that we're mad as heck and we won't buy bad yarn anymore. Anne is hoping that the yarn manufacturers will pay more attention if a whole bunch of complaint emails are delivered on the same day. Ahhhh, we can dream, right? Download Anne's PDF flyer to read more about it.

click for bigger pictureSpeaking of Anne, I have finally finished the socks I was making from the handspun yarn she sent me. I was originally thinking of making socks with a lacy pattern or maybe some cables, but then I decided that I would rather just knit a plain stockinette pair. The color transitions are the focus of this yarn, and I didn't want to obscure that with a 'busy' pattern. So I went with boring old stockinette, but I don't think they came out boring at all. I love them.

Plain stockinette socks, with an eye-of-partridge heel, and my shaped toes.
Wool yarn that was spun and dyed by Anne of knitspot
Addi 2.5mm
8.5 sts/inch
I love the colors of this yarn and the way it blends from one shade to the next. There did not seem to be any real color repeat here, so it's a good thing I like nonmatching socks. ;-)

Left Sockclick for bigger picture

Right Sockclick for bigger picture

I knit these socks top-down, and things were a little tense for me as I was finishing up the second sock. See if you can guess why by looking at the photo below.

I was totally running on fumes at the end of these socks. I had less than 3yds of yarn left -- a little too close for comfort. I guess I can now appreciate the need for toe-up socks in certain circumstances.

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Tipper said...

I'm in love with those socks. I think we'll get married and have little gradiently-striped Tippers.

Melissa said...

my god those are incredible. that yarn is luscious. the shading...the gradations of color...it makes me want to get out my wheel.
Go, Uncool Guy! Gratuitous Tourist Shots are essential. Hey. Wait a second...huccome Uncool Guy does not require facial masking like Mr Wonderful? I must make a complaint...

JessaLu said...

Cute dork ;o) I have one of those m'self :o)

Lovely socks - and great job on the yarn usage!! I am very impressed ;o)

Rachel W said...

WOW - those socks, that yarn! The colors are gorgeous, gorgeous. And they look soooo soft!

anne said...

WOW! those socks are amazing! thank you for all the nice pix! you did really good on the yarn! hahahaha! i LOVE it! not a drop went to waste, but you have a little left to darn with.
i should take a picture of my pair and put it on my blog—i will do that on wednesday.

Christine said...

Oooooooh... those socks are BEAUTIFUL! I love how they turned out!

Laura said...

Those socks are gorgeous! I really like the colors and the way they blend together, too. Also, I like the heels. :)

Egeria said...

Oh my gosh those socks are beautiful! They look so comfortable, and the colours are stunning!! Amazing how you had just enough yarn to make them! Well done!

Is anyone playing Hide and Go Blog? Well 'nyah nyah nyah C'!!

Brittany said...

Love the socks! That yarn is beautiful!

(Egeria found you! muahahaha!)

The Lone Beader said...

I love these socks! But, I love your Red Sox even more...Yankees suck!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Dear Persnickety--finally finished your dad's sweater and it fits (me)! The entrelac shawl is gorgeous; it sure looks warm. Kathy