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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

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A million freaking knots

Want to know what I did until 3:30AM last night? No, I was not dancing the night away. Nor was I watching an exciting trilogy on DVD, or reading an engrossing novel. Nope, I was making a million little knots in this darn thing.

click for bigger pictureKnotted fringe takes FOR-EV-ER.

Making 8 rows of knots on each end of my Lady Eleanor Stole took me about 6 hours! And that doesn't include time spent crocheting the edges (then ripping it out and doing it over, and over, and over yet again). Granted, I did make an extra row of knots (can you say "masochist"?). And I did waaaaaaay more strands of fringe than stated in the pattern (but my yarn is thinner and it looked too wispy when spaced wider). But still, making knotted fringe is a slow business. I knew there was a reason I was putting it off.

I just have weave in some more ends and trim the fringe, and then I'll do the final photo shoot. Maybe I'll even have an opportunity to wear it in a couple of days on our child-free weekend getaway to Newport, Rhode Island this weekend. Hey, does anybody know of any good yarn stores in that area?

Oh, and here is a preview of the socks I am making with the handspun yarn I won in Anne's mystery cable contest. I LOVE the way the colors are blending. So very lovely. And not a knot to be found ;)

I'm almost done with these socks, so more pics soon. [Yeah, right. I always say that and then I take forever. Sigh.]

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Rachel W. said...

Wow, that fringe looks cool... I never would have had the patience! (Most things that requires not-actually-knitting land in the wip-bag closet, where they sit for years.) Have a great time in Newport, where, conveniently located right on Thames Street, sits a knitting store. (Can you believe it? Right in the middle of the place. You don't have to hunt around, or drive miles out of your way. It's just RIGHT THERE. In front of you. Whether it's any good or not is another question. I was always in my just-post-college years when there, and pretty much didn't think it would look very cool to actually go in. (Times have changed for us knitters. We can come out of the closet. But in my day... you just didn't drop the Corona to do something like, gasp, knit.)

Angela said...

Couldn't you watch an exciting trilogy AND make a million little knots? Your knots look beautifully even, anyway. And those sock colors are really lovely.

franticom said...

You *rocked* the knotted fringe, imho! The colors are gorgeous, I can't wait to see the full finished stole.

ymil said...

can't wait to see that stole, complete with the freaking knots!

Jess said...

It may have taken forever but I bet it's gorgeous ;o)