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Saturday, February 25, 2006

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Knitting Mojo

So, it’s the end of the Olympics and you may be wondering where my Rogue cardigan is. Well, it’s lying uncompleted in a heap in the corner of my couch, where I tossed it in annoyance a week ago. It needed a time out (or maybe I did).

I was going to write about how the pockets weren't lining up smoothly with the body, how the pocket join was bulging, how the pockets seemed too way too small, how the whole cardigan seemed like it was not going to fit. However, when I uncrumpled the sweater to take a picture of these problem areas, I discovered that it wasn't as bad as I had previously thought. The 'time out' may have worked its magic -- I am actually considering working on it again soon. However, because of my displeasure with this Bartlett yarn, I will be taking it slow and easy, to avoid another fit of annoyance.

My so-called participation in this Knitting Olympics thing has made me realize something important though - I am a rebel knitter. I do not like to knit whatever I am ‘supposed’ to be knitting. Before the Olympics, I could barely restrain myself from starting Rogue; during the Olympics it felt like a chore to work on it. I am continually promising people knitted items and then losing all interest in finishing them (or sometimes, even starting them), to wit: my dad’s argyle socks, the Trixi Cardigan for Daughter#1, socks for Niece#2, the tank top I started as a knit-along with my neighbor (Hi, Maria!). The list goes on and on.

I don’t think it is just a matter of being an ADD Knitter – I really do like to finish things. I especially like to finish things that are gifts for people, but only when they have no idea I am making them. Then I knit like a trooper to get stuff done (I finished 12 knitted gifts this Christmas, as my gallery can attest.). But when the recipient knows about the gift – then, I lose all interest.

All this promising and not delivering has caused me much knitting guilt. And guilt is bad. It takes away from my knitting mojo. And we can’t have that, since knitting is my only source of mojo lately ;).

With that in mind, here is

My New Knitting Credo

I will knit what I want, when I want, for whomever I want,
regardless of whatever knit-alongs or other crap I sign up for.

And I won’t feel bad about it either.

So relatives, take heed: if I promise you a knitted item, be aware this really means that I may eventually knit something for you. But don’t hold your breath. Sorry, but I gotta protect the mojo.

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JessaLu said...

BRILLIANT! I think I might have to adopt that ;o)

Melissa said...

I find that it helps to give naughty, troublesome projects a time-out, and work feverishly on one simple item till it's done, like a pair of socks, or a hedgehog, or a baby sweater. I then have a sense of completion and can return to whatever resident evil was tormenting me. Usually when I do I discover that it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, I was obsessing and needed a break (and the item needed to remember who's boss) It's not whether we win or lose, but what we take away from the experience of playing the game.

Jill said...

I like it! If I feel like I need to work on something, I no longer want to work on it. Then I feel bad for starting something else before I finish.

sister #2 said...

yeah yeah yeah, mojo shmojo.
so what you're really saying is I might, and that is only if I'm really and truly lucky, get my winter hat in time for winter of 2008?
ok then, i am officially not talking about it to you anymore. i'll wait for you to be inspired and then finish it in one night. :)

Kellee said...

Hear, hear! Protect the Mojo!

I AM sorry, however, that you're not liking the Bartlett yarn. Don't get me wrong, all that you say is true...it is definitely 'crunchy', and that oily, dirty thing is also a tad on the annoying side, especially when combined with the darker blue dye that I'm using - messy. But I have to say that while I had a few moments of doubt early on, I think I've successfully convinced myself that I'm loving the whole rustic feel of the project. Celtic-y cables....very 'basic' yarn...icy-cold weather....it's kind of fun in that PBS-Colonial-House-Old-Sturbridge-Village kind of way.

But yeah....the hands? Not so happy. Kind of sore and chapped. Theank heavens for Burt's Bees.