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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

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On a Scarf Kick

Watched the movie "Run Lola Run" from my Netflix queue the other night. Really liked this movie (gave it a 4). Kind of weird, but in a good way. Also, man, that woman must be in great cardiovascular shape to do all that running without breaking a sweat or being out of breath. And, yeah, I know they probably shot it in small bits, but still -- it's impressive.

Watched it dubbed in English so I could work on the Ritratto scarf while watching the movie. I used to love foreign films with subtitles, but now that I knit constantly through any movies/TV shows I just can't be bothered to pause my knitting to have to read the screen all the time.

I'm about halfway through the scarf I think, but I'm getting sick of all that brioche stitch. It's getting monotonous. Uggh. Not even sure I still like this scarf.

I should have picked a more interesting pattern, but I wanted something kind of loose and sort of open, but not lacey (cuz it's for my mom, who is not really a lacey sort of person). You can't really get a feel for the looseness from the photo -- but I used big needles for this yarn, so it's kind of fluffy and light.

Since I needed a break from the Ritratto I started a new scarf yesterday (yes, fickle -- that's me). This one will be for my sister, I think. It's from the Weekend Knitting book. Pattern calls for Lite Lopi -- ick. The idea of Lite Lopi around my neck just makes me all scratchy.

I'm using Lamb's Pride worsted instead, colors M-77 (Blue Magic) and M-03 (Grey Heather). I had a bunch of the Blue Magic left over from my sister's cabled sweater (I'll eventually post pics of that). Scarf pattern is easy, with just enough going on to keep me interested -- at least, so far. I like the zig-zag edge. This picture is not great, since the scarf is falling off the edge of the couch, but it is really zig-zagged on both edges.

Also, I sewed up a cowl/neck warmer sort of thing my daughter made with some super bulky chenille stuff she got on sale a while back. I'm not sure what this yarn is, as we have lost the label. It lost a ton of fuzz while I was just kitchenering it together. I don't think I am a fan of chenille . . . which doesn't bode well for that Rowan Chunky Cotton Chenille I got a little while ago from Elann. But hopefully that chenille will behave better...

This pic is majorly overexposed, but I just couldn't resist her face in this one.

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Melissa said...

I may know what that Evil Chenille is. Meg used it for a store sample scarf. We had three balls in three colors and my house looked like someone shredded a clown. NO comparison between a nice cotton chenille and that...stuff. It was Artful Yarns Limerick. Wretched.

Wow. We're not the only ones who watch subtitles. I've discovered that I can mostly follow along and knit and read. Cyrano was easy, but I know the story. Il Postino was hard till I changed the spoken lang. from Italian to French. And no, I know only one language, but can follow French for some reason.

I like your mom's scarf. There's been a run on brioche at Drop In of late...seems to be the new bug going around.

Wonder if that's already in my queue....